Don’t let anybody mislead you; today’s neutral paint colours are far from dull. While whites, beige, and grays are undoubtedly designer favourites, colours of blue, yellow, and even shades of green have recently joined the ranks, offering strong backgrounds for the parade of patterns and sculptural furniture filling our homes.

List of Top 10 Neutral Paint Colours for House

These new neutral colours are great decorating tools due to their limitless adaptability, ability to work with a wide range of styles, and ability to be used in apartment painting. Continue reading to discover the year’s colours from all ranges and learn more about the newest colour trends for 2022.

gray green paint color for interiors

1. Gray green

Gray-green is by far the most popular paint colour trend for 2022. Three major paint brands chose Shades of it as the year’s colour. Almost every other firm has at least one gray-green on its list of trending hues.

It’s a light gray-green that pairs well with lilac or pink. However, it goes nicely with the majority of other hues. And it’s ideal for a Zen bathroom or a soothing bedroom hideaway. It looks great with other neutral paint colours like white, off-white, and brown.

Olive green is a less gray variation. It is said to signify healing, regeneration, and resilience. This makes it an excellent choice for any environment that requires a relaxing impact.

Whether you want to go dark, light, or somewhere in the middle, this year’s selection has a gray-green to suit your preferences.

green paint colors inspired by nature

2. Green neutral paint colours that are inspired by nature

But we’re not finished with green just yet! If you desire a more brilliant colour, these nature-inspired greens could be exactly what you’re searching for. It’s a fresh, organic green with yellow overtones, as the name says. A considerably warmer hue than the gray greens mentioned above.

It goes well with other natural-inspired hues like wood tones and natural textiles. Green is one of the lovely neutral colours that can match almost any hue. And it may be used in any room.

ocean inspired blue color

3. Ocean-inspired blue and green paint colours

The hues inspired by the sea are next. These neutral paint colours vary from mint to turquoise and dark ocean blue. They are comparable to the past year’s aqua trend, although the hues have less gray.

gray-blue neutral paint colours

4. Range of gray-blue neutral paint colours

Blues with a strong gray undertone are trendy this year. These blues look fantastic with white. However, because they go with all other hues, they may also be utilized as neutral colours.

It’s a soothing hue that adds to the atmosphere. It goes well with other neutral colours. However, it also looks lovely in contrast to warmer colours you might use in your interior design, such as pastel pink.

A cool neutral like lighter blue will brighten a space while offering a soothing atmosphere. When used with warm neutral paint colours, the blue will shine out. However, when combined with gray, it will appear more muted.

Periwinkle color for home

5. Periwinkle

Periwinkle is the next colour on the latest 2022 colour trends. Periwinkle is a hue that belongs to the violet and blue families. It gets its name from the smaller myrtle plant or periwinkle, which has similar colour blooms.

Periwinkle is also known as lavender blue. Periwinkle is a delicate purple or blue colour that might be described as “pastel purple.” This hue is considered brave and stimulates personal creativity and inventiveness.

earthy brown paint for house

6. Earthy brown

Continuing with the natural-inspired theme, earthy brown is the next hue on the list. In other words, they believe it combines serenity with adventure, similar to following a nature walk through the mountains.

Because brown is one of the neutral colours, it goes well with most other hues. However, it looks especially lovely when used with light neutral paint colours. If you want to add some colour, choose orange.

While just one paint manufacturer picked brown as their colour of the year, several of them included it on their list of trending hues. You have several alternatives if you like to add brown to your colour palettes.

neutral white color for painting interiors

7. Neutral paint colours of white

Off-white and some light beige hues were the most represented tones in the 2022 paint colour trends for individuals opting for conventional colours.

It is off-white with a lot of depth that has long been on the list of favoured paint colours among interior home paintings. So, there’s a good explanation for why it’s popular. Since it is one of the neutral paint colours, everything goes with it. Even white!

neutral yellow for interior walls

8. Neutral paint colours of yellow

The yellows on the list this year range in intensity from a soft sunny yellow to a strong golden yellow.

According to how much yellow you desire, you may use them to paint the entire space, a focal point wall (or ceiling), or a door. Bright yellow can add a sense of natural light to any space. Also ideal for a cheery kitchen or a warm front entrance.

To lessen the brightness of the yellow while retaining its cheerfulness, combine it with white. It would also look lovely with blue or the mentioned periwinkle if you like more contrast. Try one of the other popular colours chosen in the list if you want a less vivid yellow.

romantic grey-pink color for house

9. Pinkish neutral colours (romantic grey-pink)

Warm, elegant, and subtle, this dusky pink colour complements contemporary and classic dwellings. To keep the overall appearance gentle, match romantic grey-pink walls with subtly tinted neutral paint colours like a delicate white with a touch of grey rather than a bright white.

Seapearl paint color

10. Seapearl

The hue of sea pearl is off-white with some gray undertones. It is more adaptable than a pure, glaring white due to its subtle warmth. Seapearl gives warm white a somewhat gray aspect that updates the hue for the twenty-first century, in contrast, to warm whites that lean yellow or creamy.


The paints can be applied in a different method, such as a roller brush or the spray painting method. Before making the final decision, always check paint samples for a lighter or darker version of your desired colour. That is the list of the newest popular paint colours for 2022.

We hope you got some ideas for choosing the right neutral colour.

These new neutral paint colours are great for your home due to their limitless adaptability, ability to work with a wide range of styles, and ability to be used in apartment painting. Now, consider which paint colours you’d like to use.

There are so many other color options that you have for your home interiors. You can see some of them here provided by ELLE Decor.