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Wood can be finished with various substances, including wood oil, wax, paint or stains and varnish. These will provide additional protection while enhancing the look and feel of the timber of your wood flooring or furniture.
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If you are one of those creative homeowners who want to add beauty and class to your home, we highly recommend you have stain and varnish services once in a while.
At Parthia Painting Inc., we apply different stain and varnish finishes to interior and exterior timber. What is the best choice of finish for you? This is determined by the type of wood you use for your flooring and furniture items.
Whether your project is indoors or outside, we will complete your job. What is the first step to take? It is simple, contact us NOW through our phone number or email address. Our polite and friendly customer support will guide you through the process.

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Let Us Tell You More About Varnishing and Staining.

You may find this page from our other services, and it is normal not knowing about this particular service. So, we want to tell you a little about the varnishing and staining services we provide in Toronto.

What is Varnishing?

Our most common work is applying a fresh coat of varnish over the older vanish. You should know that this process requires a light buff sand and a coat or two of special acrylic varnish, which our professionals apply with the highest precision.

What is Varnishing?

We also provide staining projects with our professional interior painters. We often provide staining services in Toronto for new wooden steps, rails, and wood trim.
Our staining process is usually done with a couple of coats of varnish after we are done with the staining process.

The Stain and Varnishing Steps We Follow Are:

Surface Preparation
Old Varnish Removal
Applying Wood Oil
Completing the Job

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Parthia Painting Inc. has a skilled team that offers a wide array of custom finishes and color matchings with the best stain and varnish services. We also provide our customers with consulting services.
Most of our Customers in Toronto have used our painting services, including varnishing and staining on:
Outdoor Wood Furniture
Indoor Cabinetry
Indoor Wood Furniture
Indoor Flooring
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