The selection of paint colours for condos and apartments communicates much about the complete residential encounter. In addition to making appropriate colour choices, engaging a professional painting company capable of managing the project within your desired timeframe and budgetary constraints is crucial.

Opting for paint colours that harmonize with your property’s architectural characteristics and other components can present a multifaceted endeavour.

However, regarding the most up-to-date interior and exterior paint trends, we have you fully covered, spanning from kitchens to bathrooms, living rooms to bedrooms.

Popular Colours for Condominiums in Toronto

Here are 10 Popular Colours for Condominiums in Toronto

Paint colour preferences undergo continual evolution from one year to another. In the 1940s, red emerged as the defining colour, while the 1950s witnessed a surge in popularity for turquoise and mint shades.

The 1960s saw vibrant green take center stage, which later transitioned into a mossy green tone in the 1970s. Mauve dominated the 1980s, followed by a trend toward purple in the 1990s.

Over the past few decades, the preferred paint colours for condos have transitioned from light blue to gray. However, more recently, we are witnessing a resurgence of interest in blues, marking a notable shift in preferences.

What are some of the top 10 paint colours currently in high demand among those responsible for painting apartments and condos?

Dark Blue Paint Colours for Condos

Dark Blue Paint Colours for Condos

These paint colours for condos align with the trend of blues gaining popularity, particularly in areas where architectural elements can be accentuated.

Sage Colour for Condominium

Sage Colour for Condominium

With its soothing and tranquil qualities, Sage serves as a calming colour that brings a sense of relief to residents in need.

Earthly Ochre Paint Colour for Condos

Earthly Ochre Paint Colour for Condos

When combined with complementary warm tones, Earthy Ochre seamlessly integrates into living rooms and other spaces where creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere is paramount.

Oyster White Paint Colour

Oyster White Paint Colour

Oyster White, often called “greige” due to its intermediary position between beige and gray, is an excellent alternative to sterile white paint.

Divine white

Divine white Paint Colour for Condominium

While certain rooms may require a more sterile colour palette, striking a balance between sterility and warmth with Divine White is possible.


Silver Paint Colour for Condominium

Silver is an excellent choice for smaller spaces, imparting a sense of openness. Additionally, it exudes a modern ambiance and a hint of sophistication.


Green Paint Colours for Apartments

There is a growing trend towards green hues, particularly enhancing rooms needing an added touch of warmth.

Sky blue

Sky blue Colours for Apartments

Sky Blue can effectively open up the area to create a more spacious and airy atmosphere in enclosed spaces or rooms lacking natural light.


Beige Paint Colours for Apartments

Neutral tones consistently maintain their popularity in apartments and condos. However, incorporating beige with other neutral shades can introduce a touch of drama and create a visually striking impact.

Light grey with white trim

Light grey with white trim Colours for Apartments

Combining beige with other neutrals is a timeless and enduring choice that has consistently remained fashionable in apartments and condos.

According to several designers, today’s colour trends have been influenced by the pandemic, as the focus on cleanliness has become a shared concern. White, regarded as a symbol of purity (despite technically not being a colour), has garnered attention.

Additionally, apartment and condo owners have shown interest in dusty blue, dark blue, and sky blue, as these shades interact with light to create a captivating ambiance and a soothing atmosphere, which aligns with the current preferences of many individuals.

Colour Schemes for Condos and Apartments in Toronto

When embarking on a home improvement project like painting condo or apartment, it’s crucial to be aware of the do’s and don’ts. Choosing a suitable colour scheme holds significant importance for various reasons. To assist you in making a decision, consider the following information.

Colour Scheme for Condos in Toronto

When selecting the first colour in your scheme or combination, opt for a shade akin to the dominant colour. Choose a tone that complements the primary colour without overshadowing it, using approximately half the amount of paint compared to the dominant colour. As for the second colour, it should serve as an accent tone that is sparingly applied. The accent colour adds a subtle touch of visual interest to the room without being overly distracting.

Interior Paint Colours for Condos in Toronto

Interior Paint Colours for Condos in Toronto

Choosing interior paint colours can be a complex issue for apartment and condo owners/managers in selecting the right tones. There are so many options and individual aspects of each property that need to be considered when choosing the colour (s).

However, a few colours seem like a go-to because they’re safely within the tastes of most individuals.

Benjamin Moore offers popular neutral paint options such as White Dove, White Heron, Swiss Coffee, and Calm.

When selecting paint colours for condos, it is advisable to consider the surrounding amenities. For instance, if there are natural wood-stained cupboards in the kitchen, opting for a colour that complements the natural wood would be appropriate.

After finalizing the ideal interior colours, it is essential to engage a reputable painting contractor. Investing in professional painters is worthwhile as they complete the job swiftly and efficiently and achieve results that surpass the capabilities of a DIY project.

Exterior Paint Colours for Condominiums and Apartments in Toronto

Exterior Paint Colours for Condominiums and Apartments in Toronto

When it comes to selecting exterior paint colours for condos and apartments, the objective for those in charge is often to strike a balance between avoiding excessive garishness and monotony.

The colour palette largely depends on the property’s architecture while also considering neighbourhood elements and the preferences of both current and potential residents.

For smaller buildings, lighter colours can create an illusion of spaciousness. Alternatives like linen or ivory can be considered if stark white feels too harsh.

To infuse a touch of drama to the exterior, incorporating dark colours sparingly on shutters, doors, and trim can be effective. Additionally, darker hues can help camouflage aesthetic flaws that may be present in the building.

Regardless of the chosen colours, it is crucial to employ a reputable painting contractor who can ensure a quality application. While selecting the perfect colour combination is necessary, the correct and skillful application is essential to reap the full benefits of the chosen colours.

Colour Combinations Any Condo Owner Should Try

Colour Combinations for Apartments

The choice of colour combinations for a room is influenced by the desired mood you wish to create. To maintain a neutral ambiance, opting for colours within the beige spectrum and following the 60:30:10 rule can be ideal. Various shades of gray and brown also fall under the neutral category and provide versatile options.

Light reds and light yellows are practical choices for those seeking to add warmth to their spaces. These vibrant colours make a space more visually striking and stimulate the brain.

A more daring option could be a combination of sapphire and mustard. However, it is recommended to use this pairing sparingly as it may not appeal to everyone’s tastes compared to more neutral colours.

Continuing with the blue theme, the royal blue and orchid combination has gained popularity and works well in specific kitchens.

To create a brighter atmosphere, mint and pale gray can be considered. This combination is particularly suitable for kitchens or rooms with limited natural light, bringing a sense of lightness and freshness to the space.

Paint Colour Trends for Condos and Apartments in Canada

Paint Colour Trends for Condos and Apartments in Canada

Leading paint producers provide valuable insights into the direction of paint colour trends for 2023. Sherwin-Williams, known for its understanding of interior decorators’ preferences and the general public, has highlighted several key trends in its ColorMix Forecast 2023. These trends include bold gray, muddy greens, muted reds, homestead browns, and kestrel or pure whites, aiming to please a wide range of individuals.

Sherwin-Williams emphasizes the importance of colour in designing multipurpose spaces.

Grounded hues create a neutral environment suitable for various purposes, ensuring residents feel comfortable and focused. Incorporating warm and inviting colours adds a sense of comfort and relaxation. Additionally, vibrant pops of colour bring energy and personalization to individual living suites.

With the evolving ways of living in multi-family buildings, selecting colours that align with these changes and facilitate seamless transitions is crucial.

Furthermore, the multi-family industry is adapting to current interior and exterior trends in response to hybrid work trends and the increasing popularity of multipurpose spaces. Properties are now designed with unique amenities that serve dual functions, catering to residents seeking a balance between leisure and work areas.

  1. Evergreen Fog: A soft and serene green-gray shade reminiscent of misty forests, evoking a sense of tranquillity and nature.
  2. Silvermist: A light and silvery gray tone with a subtle shimmer, bringing a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.
  3. Mineral Gray: A cool and contemporary gray colour with hints of blue undertones, providing a modern and versatile backdrop.
  4. Toile Red: A muted and understated red hue inspired by traditional toile patterns, adding a touch of classic charm and warmth.
  5. Urbane Bronze: A deep and rich brown-black shade, it exudes a sense of luxury and grounding, ideal for creating a cozy and refined ambiance.
  6. Homestead Brown: A warm, earthy brown colour reminiscent of rural landscapes, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
  7. Chatura Gray: A sophisticated and refined gray with a slight hint of blue, offering a timeless and elegant backdrop for various styles.
  8. Kestrel White: A clean and crisp white with a subtle touch of warmth, providing a versatile and fresh base for any room.
  9. Pure White: A classic and refined white shade, offering a clean, neutral canvas that works well with any design style.

Best Paint Colours for Condo Kitchens

Best Paint Colours for Condo Kitchens

Choosing the best paint colours for condo kitchens depends on various factors such as personal preferences, lighting, size, and overall style. However, here are some popular paint colour options that work well in condo kitchens:

  1. White: A timeless choice, white paint creates a clean and fresh look, making the kitchen bright and spacious. It pairs well with various styles and allows other elements to stand out.
  2. Light Gray: A versatile and neutral option, light gray adds a touch of sophistication to the kitchen while providing a subtle contrast to white cabinetry or countertops.
  3. Soft Blue: A calming and serene colour, soft blue hues can create a soothing atmosphere in the kitchen. It works well with white or light-coloured cabinetry and makes a refreshing feel.
  4. Warm Beige: Beige tones offer a warm and inviting ambiance to the kitchen. They complement various countertop materials and cabinetry finishes, creating a cozy and timeless look.
  5. Pale Green: Soft and muted green shades can add a subtle pop of colour to the kitchen, evoking a sense of nature and freshness. It works well with white or light wood cabinets.
  6. Navy Blue: For a bold and dramatic look and feel, navy blue can be used as an accent colour or for kitchen cabinets. It adds depth and creates a contemporary and sophisticated feel.

Top Paint Colours for Condo Bathrooms

Top Paint Colours for Condo Bathrooms

The best paint colours for condo bathrooms can vary depending on the desired atmosphere and the space’s overall style. Here are some popular paint colour options that work well in condo bathrooms:

  1. Crisp White: White is a classic and timeless choice for bathrooms. It creates a clean and fresh look, making the space bright and open. White also provides a versatile backdrop for other elements in the bathroom.
  2. Soft Gray: Soft gray tones are popular for bathrooms as they create a serene and calming atmosphere. They can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the space while allowing other bathroom features to stand out.
  3. Spa-like Blue: Light blue or aqua shades can bring a sense of tranquillity and a spa-like feel to the bathroom. These colours create a soothing and peaceful ambiance, perfect for unwinding and relaxation.
  4. Neutral Beige: Beige tones offer warmth and a sense of coziness in bathroom spaces. They provide a neutral backdrop that can complement various bathroom fixtures and decor styles.
  5. Subtle Green: Soft green hues can create a refreshing and natural ambiance in the bathroom. They evoke a sense of calmness and connection to nature, making the space tranquil and rejuvenating.