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Parthia Painting Inc. is the leading contractor that strives to provide the best painting services, wall finishes, and more in Toronto & GTA. We have more than ten years of expertise to provide you with higher-quality services.

You may wonder where the name Parthia comes from. Well, let us explain.

The Name Parthia

Parthia is a historical region in Iran. The Parthians built one of the strongest and greatest empires of the ancient world. They managed to rule a large land containing millions of different people. In addition to military strength, Parthians were great in traditions, art, and architecture.

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What We Are Following In Parthia Painting Inc.

Our Goal is to Be the Best for Our Clients

Parthia Painting Inc. has a vision that goes far beyond any design catalog since our company is made up of a team of creative, skilled, and talented individuals. We have promised ourselves to deliver our services to the highest industry standards.
At Parthia Painting Inc., we apply our expertise with a passion to the utmost capacity in every application and project. We combine this with our commitment to customer satisfaction to maintain the perfect relationship we have sought with our clients over the years.

What Makes us a Reliable Painting Contractor in Toronto?

We understand that people want their homes to be clean and beautiful. So, our team ensures that you get what you want. When you hire the Parthia Painting Inc. team to work on your facility, rest assured that we have what it takes to get the job done with the best quality possible. With years of experience and a rich portfolio, Parthia let its work speak for itself. Our team has enough knowledge in the painting industry to help you pick the most suitable options, materials, and designs according to your budget and taste.
What Kind Of Project Parthia Painting Inc. Can Do?

We Take On Projects of Any Scale!

Parthia Painting Inc. serves customers for residential and commercial projects all across Toronto and the GTA. Whether you want to renovate your home or upgrade your business, our well-equipped team is ready to work with you regardless of your project’s complexity and location.

We Never:


Cut Corners


Comprise Quality

We Always:


Go Above and Beyond

Guarantee Every Part of the Project
Accommodate Your Needs and Requirements
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Customer Satisfaction is Parthia Painting’s #1 Priority

Customer Satisfaction

Your home or business upgrade starts right here, right now! Our high-quality work and craftsmanship experience make our clients love their experience with us. We cannot wait to make your dreams come to and give you the expertise our other clients had. Contact Parthia Painting Inc. NOW and achieve what you always wanted.

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Mazda Adhami

I have worked with Payam from Parthia for almost 2 years now. I have been building custom homes since 2010 and have worked with about a dozen painters. I can unequivocally say that Payam is the best painter I have ever dealt with. From his easy going demeanor all the way to his own sense of pride in the work, he is an absolute pleasure to work with. If it’s not up to his own standard, he will repaint it. And his standard is extremely high. If it’s not up to your standard, he will repaint it. If anything is but what you expected, he will make it right. I very highly recommend Payam for interior and exterior paint jobs, including wood staining. He is a professional in every sense.


Almost 4 years ago,
The company painted our entire office; they were very professional and did an excellent job! There was a point where we changed some colours and they were happy to accommodate us. The job was done in the time estimated and the fee was reasonable. We highly recommend them.

Peter A.

Paint & Wallpaper Contractors review in Richmond HillAlmost 4 years ago Professional service. Stain and varnish like factory finish. Great attitude and work ethics. Work was finished promptly without delay. Clean and professional job. Will use them again. Thank you so much


Living Room, Bathroom And Kitchen Painting Kitchen Planning & Renovation review in TorontoAlmost 4 years ago
I hired Payam to paint my living room, kitchen and bathrooms , I’m not regret, he did an amazing job, vey professional, clean and tidy. We’re very pleased with Payam’s work

Amirreza Babakhani

Condominium Renovations review in TorontoAlmost 4 years ago Repaint our condo in Toronto. Great customer service, very reasonable price, good quality. I strongly recommended to use this company.